HARTL MODULAR SOLUTIONS is based on the idea of offering standardized modules for processing technology. Energy-efficient drive solutions, compact design with optimum transport dimensions and low dead weight guarantee maximum mobility and flexibility combined with high production output and low operating costs. Innovative, mature and partly patented technologies in the field of crushing and screening technology are guaranteed by the many years of experience of the HARTL family.



With our modular and mobile crushing and screening plants, every user can assemble his own individual processing plant - in a modular system - according to his needs. You only invest in what you really need. Whether in the processing of natural stone or in recycling - there is a suitable solution for every need with the corresponding modules - which are compactly designed and can be set up or set up quickly.



Fully electric breaker, powered by 2 synchronous motors, each 25KW, combined with solid flywheels.

Quattro inside

The unique upward positioning of the toggle plate creates the incomparable QUATTRO movement. The movement of the movable jaw runs here, not parallel to the direction of passage, as in conventional crushers, but in an alternating rocking motion. This causes a Vorbrechen in the upper and a Nachbreching in the lower part of the crushing chamber. This allows larger chunks to be picked up and broken. The movement conveys the material downwards, thereby achieving maximum throughput.

Reverse Crushing

The HARTL E-CRUSHER has an automatic REVERSE FUNCTION and release integrated as standard, which in case of a blockage allows the crusher to run backwards, thus providing a quick solution to the blockage. This allows 100% uninterrupted working!

Fully Mobile

Low overall weight, container-sized dimensions and the construction on a standardized rolling frame for hook lift trailers guarantee easy and, above all, cost-effective transport.

Modular Solutions

E-Crusher / Performance Skid

Techn. Daten
L 5550 mm
W 2300 mm
H 2150 mm
W 14000 kg
Max. Lifting height (mm)
4490 mm
Max. Load (kg)
5500 kg
Max. Range (mm)
2800 mm
Electrical power (kW)
100/150 kW
amp (A)
150/225 A
connection (P/w/V/Hz)
3/4/380-420/50 P/w/V/Hz)
inlet opening (mm)
950x525 mm

Tower Separator

Techn. Daten
L 2030 mm
W 1810 mm
H 3330 mm
W 2000 kg
Max. Height (mm)
3250 mm
Max. Load (kg)
1000 kg
power density (mm/FD(K))
100/28 mm/FD(K)
drive line (kW)
6.4 kW
3 Stk
Height transport (mm)
2100 mm

Screen Plant

Techn. Daten
L 2260 mm
W 2663 mm
H 2981 mm
W 2200 kg
Screen area (m2)
3.30 m2
Number of decks
2 Stk
Screen width (mm)
1814 mm
Screen length (mm)
1820 mm
capacity (m3/h)
65 m3/h
drive line (kW)
5.5 kW
connection V/A/Hz/Ph
380-400/15/50/3 V/A/Hz/Ph

Screen Box

Techn. Daten
L 3000 mm
W 1520 mm
H 2330 mm
W 1250 kg
Screen area (m2)
3.00 m2
Number of decks
1 Stk
Screen width (mm)
1990 mm
Screen length (mm)
1475 mm
capacity (m3/h)
70 m3/h
drive line (kW)
1.1 kW
connection V/A/Hz/Ph
380-400/2.8/50/3 V/A/Hz/Ph

Conveyor Belt

Techn. Daten
L 5290 mm
W 1310 mm
H 2840 mm
W 760 kg
discharge height (mm)
2400 mm
Max. Slope (deg)
25 deg
Conveyor belt width (mm)
600 mm
tape speed (m/s)
1.2 m/s
drive line (kW)
3 kW
connection (P/w/V/Hz)
380-400/7.5/50/3 P/w/V/Hz)

Banana Belt

Techn. Daten
L 10060 mm
W 1370 mm
H 3820 mm
W 2500 kg
discharge height (mm)
3500 mm
Max. Slope (deg)
26 deg
Conveyor belt width (mm)
600 mm
tape speed (m/s)
0.72 m/s
drive line (kW)
4 kW
connection V/A/Hz/Ph
380-400/8/50/3 V/A/Hz/Ph